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Project Life | How to Print on Journaling Cards

I know, my english sucks. But still I'm writing this in english... I've been asked how do I print on Project Life journaling cards. Here is how I do it.

First I write my journaling* in PhotoShop. Then I take the journaling card and eyeball it next to my screen so I can check that the text won't overlap the craphics in the card. Then I save it in jpf-format.

* my journaling is usually copypasted from my Facebook status.

My printer (Canon Pixma iP4700) came with a (free) printing software (Canon Easy-PhotoPrintEX). I open the software and select the journaling that I just wrote.

The smallest paper size that my printer allows to print on is 10x15cm (~ 4x6"), so I choose that. Luckily that's twice the size of an journaling card. I also choose Matte Photo Paper as printing material.

The software allows you to choose how many images you want to print in one 10x15cm paper. I choose 2 with borders because the journaling card is roughly half of the size of an photo paper. I select "with borders" because it gives me little extra spaces in the edges. The software will scale the image (or my journaling text) so it will fit in the first half of the photo paper.

Now it's time to change the 10x15cm photo paper into journaling card.

Now I just press print. Easy.

The printed journaling card is ready for the binder.


6 kommenttia:

Marika kirjoitti...

Wau, mikä idea!

corinne kirjoitti...

Thank for sharing! I think I'll try thus for next year. Just need to get a printer that does photo size :)
And by the way your English is very goof!

corinne kirjoitti...

See it is much better than mine (sorry for the spelling mistakes!)

Christie kirjoitti...

Thanks for sharing, I am going to try this! I love typed journaling because you can get more on the little card. (I found your site when Becky H. posted it on Facebook)

Minna kirjoitti...

Oi, tämän kun oppisi ; )

Meghan kirjoitti...

Your English is amazing! Great tutorial!